Dream Home: Nightingale Residence by SPF Architects

The Nightingale Residence is a dream home completed and designed by SPF Architects – a firm that was founded since 1988. The modern home is located specifically in Culver City, California.

The Los Angeles-based architectural firm specializes in providing highly sensitive design for clients by applying their technical expertise and hands-on involvement in their projects. This expertise has carved out an amazingly modern architecture that is literally jaw-dropping.

In my humble opinion, the interiors and layout complements with the interior design impeccably. I have seen many beautiful creations but I guess I have not seen enough because the Nightingale Residence is definitely worth checking out.

The house floor plans were implemented to coincide with the existing landscape so that the residence stands out royally even at a glance. I must say I’m impressed with the bathroom design – it evokes a sense of relaxing convenience where privacy and personal space is heightened.

I love the great kitchen as well – uncluttered, with sharp edges but toned down by the neutrality of the color scheme. It is modern yet at the same time it has a subtle touch of the classic. Typical kitchen – others may say – but for me the design is ultimately functional and stylish.

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