Dream Home: North Fork Residence by Thielsen Architects

Thielsen Architects were tasked to complete the North Fork Residence and I am much honored to be the one to introduce this dream home. The modern home nestled on the edge of the wooded cliff that overlooks the stunning beauty of Tate Creek. It occupies the small shelf of land located on the east face of the mountainous site. Just looking at it, I know that the modern architects faced some challenges when designing the modern architecture and its layout.

The house takes on the form of the natural slope of the site – the ‘go-with-the-flow’ style on the outside and it demonstrates the natural connection between the steep slopes of the ground and the stunning beauty of the home. I find the underground garage really attractive – just the kind of security and shelter you would want your vehicles to have. The use of natural stone as exterior finish allowed deep-rooted relationship between the architecture and the environment. To protect the house to the harsh environment, some parts of the house were sheathed in metal.

The focal point of design is the central circulation spine. The interiors revolved around this along with spaces that go from public to private throughout its length. The primary interior and exterior spaces were oriented to the east to take advantage of the expansive views of Cascade foothills and the Mt. Si.

The interior design is awe-inspiring – the earthen touch of wood throughout the interiors is simply breathtaking. I just love the great kitchen! Wood is the primary choice of material and I don’t find it hard why the modern architects chose it for this utterly impressive and inspirational layout – it is to give the interior of the house a sense of oneness with nature.

Overall, the modern house is stunning and looks very warm and accommodating. I would love to take a vacation or holiday on one of these architectures one of these days.

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  • Home Blogger
    August 29, 2012

    Now that’s what you call a dream home…absolutely stunning! Love the stonework. Would have liked a sneak peak at the underground garage though :)

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