Dream Home: Paris Apartment by D.MESURE

The Paris XVI is a great addition to my personal favorites – a dream home designed and completed by D.MESURE. This home is undeniably a modern architecture but it also has a subtle classic touch, which I have a soft spot of.

The modern home has a very interesting interior design – which in my humble opinion is composed of soft edges and appealing color scheme. My favorite part of this home is the kid’s room – expectedly colorful and fun to look at.

The great kitchen has bold design scheme using black and grey combination and I love it more for it. The traditional design was not entirely eliminated but even so it is still oozing with modernity although it also speaks of simplicity and elegance at the same time.

The implemented house floor plans were inspirational in more ways than one especially because it supported continuity and relationship of space between each other. It also invites adequate amount of light and neutral colors dominate the space. Even so, the space is still sophisticated and elegant.

I also like the bathroom design because of its classic touch.

Overall, D.MESURE should be praised for this project – especially in creating a space conducive for modern living. The modern architects definitely nailed the implementation of the design concept.

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