Dream Home: Poona House by Rajiv Saini

Rajiv Saini designed and completed the dream home Poona House in Mumbai, India. It is an elegant modern home that is set royally on a corner lot of a green zone, where excellent privacy has been enjoyed. The main structural elements used in the modern architecture are wood, stone, glass and concrete.

The implemented house floor plans are based solely on ‘Feng Shui or Vaastu’ therefore all the locations of the rooms are dictated by this. However, what the owners needed was an architect who can seamlessly implement the layout they wanted. The architecture was part of a gated development where villas have similar design and with colonial references but since the home was designed by a private architect it was restricted to being a simple white straight-lined structure at a glance.

The house at its very entirety has a double height informal setting, which allows anyone from the lounge to have direct visual access to the rest of the interiors. The seamless connection of all rooms is tied around the focal point of design – the lounge. Getting natural light for the rooms surrounding the central area has been really challenging but it was achieved by placing clerestory openings and skylights so that adequate light floods the central space. I like how the entrance lobby has been separated by a double height screen – it gives privacy while allowing some degree of space connection and flow.

The interior design in all public spaces and private domains has been carefully and meticulously done so it captures the owner’s desire. The lower level of the home caters to spaces that are more or less public like the living and dining rooms and the great kitchen but it also has the bedroom suite in addition to the central lounge – which as I have mentioned is the focal point of design.

At a glance, the layout is simple yet inspirational and this is in accordance to the developer’s request. However, as you check out the entire home – you will notice the luxury and sophistication – not present in other developed homes in the same area. The spaces were properly thought of according to what the owners wanted.

Allow me by saying that this must be one of Rajiv Saini’s work of art – a talented display of expertise and knowledge in creating a space that not only respects privacy and comfort but also upholds style and design. (Via)

Photos courtesy of Rajiv Saini.

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