Dream Home: Private Residence by NICOLEHOLLIS

This Private Residence by NICOLEHOLLIS is a dream home for many especially those who like uncluttered, clean and straightforward interior design. The modern home is located in San Francisco, CA particularly in the Pacific Heights and I must say that the design concept is focused more on direct simplicity and functionality of space.

The resulting design for the modern architecture is one a space where luxury and minimalism got married. NICOLEHOLLIS redefined the entire layout. This was achieved by moving the master bedroom and bath on the lower level so it overlooks the garden while the upper level has been opened for entertaining. You can just look at that elegant black and white palette and you would already reconsider having your home redone.

A touch of gray is added into the palette, which added elegant simplicity to the entire space. The minimalistic view of the entire home follows concept that you can leave out anything that doesn’t serve any purpose. My personal favorite is the uncluttered and great kitchen. It has both simplicity and elegance – which is not really unusual for kitchens today.

The inspirational layout and the implemented house floor plans were graced with a variety of fixtures and furnishings all representing direct beauty.

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