Dream Home: Real Parque Loft by Diego Revollo

Brazilian interior architect and designer – Diego Revollo – completed the Real Parque Loft and I thought – this dream home is unlike any other guy-design homes.

Coming from a non-guy, this modern home is masculine but definitely stylish and functional. Its design concept is fun and elegant at the same time including its interior design. Even if I am not a guy, I have fallen in love with the interiors and I could live here if given the chance.

Also, the modern architecture has elegant and beautiful detailing, which the designer gave so much attention to. If we’re going to judge its overall design scheme, it is definitely a bachelor’s home but amazingly stylish that sometimes you couldn’t think that a guy lives here at all.

It has an inspirational layout that rendered the entire space beautiful and wonderful at the same time. The bathroom design is masculine but functional and stylish – like 5-star quality.

Many people may think of this architecture in stereotyped manner but personally I don’t see it that way. I would say that this home is elegant, sophisticated and stylish but manly at the same time. (via)

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