Dream Home: Rescued Family Villa in Gothenburg by Wictoria Ostrelius

For lack of better word to describe this Rescued Family Villa in Gothenburg, I must say that it gave me an impression of being inside a dream home like those in classic movies. Although, I must say that the design of the modern home still has some contemporary touch because of the industrial materials used here and there. The living room of this modern architecture is more like a visionary’s kind of space. Wictoria Ostrelius’ vision was to create a space that’s not really there but possible to achieve and so the old building came to life once again.

Wictoria Ostrelius, owner and interior designer of the house, breathe new life to this 180 cubic meters area full of scrap and debris where she changed the façade and basically everything that can be found on the house into a whole new living space. What once was a dilapidated shack is now a dream home where a family can come home to every day for the rest of their lives.

Wictoria and her husband bought the house and the decision changed their lives as they both worked to bring the house alive. In a place where people love their prehistoric-like houses, the family villa that the couple worked and completed just had a place to belong. Personally, the spot is idyllic where a good connection with the neighborhood is essential and in this case just had it achieved.

However, since the family did not have time socializing with the neighborhood, they spent much of their time renovating and designing their new haven. The original house may be brought to oblivion but its façade still remained as a footprint. The interior design is the added beauty to the perfectly implemented house floor plans. The plaster on the interiors was brought down and Wictoria insulated the façade.

Modernity was given another perspective and definition in this house since a “new looking” home would not fit in the neighborhood. What I see when I look at the great kitchen is the unrivaled beauty, sophistication and elegance that I find alluring and enticing. It looks clean, tidy and an inspirational space to create delicious food for the family. The added beauty of the brick wall cannot be discounted and for this I can say that it was right where it should be.

The bathroom design I suspected emanates serenity and quiet space but the elegance is still there while maintaining utmost privacy that the space requires. The fixtures and furniture of the entire home were given much thought hence creating a space where everything is part of its entirety and layout without separation of elements.

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