Dream Home : Residence Micheli by Simone Micheli

When artist and architect Simone Micheli launched into the creation of his personal home he was determined to create a fantastical living environment.  Large spaces, bright lights, and a unique color scheme coupled with a one of a kind layout make for a Florence based family home that’s nothing short of spectacular.

While Residence Micheli devotes itself to the traditional tenets of luxury living (e.g. freedom of movement and large beautiful spaces), the home evokes a special kind of playfulness that reflects the spirit of Micheli himself.  Pink and lime green sprinkle the home in bursts of built in bookshelf color and the occasional painted wall.  Most everything else, on the other hand, is white.

The plaster of the original walls were stripped off and pickled to form a contrast the smooth white walls, and the porcelain tiles on the floor create a white that’s just as bright as the walls.  All said and done, about 90% of the home is made of eco compatible materials.  A big archway leads into the high ceilinged common relaxation space of the home while volumetric diagonal ceilings create a more intimate feel in the kitchen.   A spiderweb textured rope is intertwined along the top of the vaulted public space right to the edge of the the staircase, finishing off the overall mood of the home as a sea of emotion combined with lightness.

Upstairs the bedrooms are suspended between dream and reality.  In one of the bedrooms a blue backlit mirror flies over the bed, and the mattress almost flies on a carpet with a leather upholstered headboard.  Soda bubbles rise from the bed on the opposite wall, and a yellow lacquered desk provides pop for the space.

When Simone Micheli envisioned Residence Micheli he wanted it to reflect our innermost spirit and essence.  He achieved exactly that and created a beautiful place that his family can call home in the process.


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