Dream Home : Residential Church by Zecc Architects

While some people might be a tad reserved about converting an old church into a new home to live in, architecture firm Zecc Architects does a stunning job in creating such a transformation. This lovely abode featured was once a church that has since been registered as a municipal monument. The architect, whose job was to leave the integrity of the structure and exterior of the building intact due to its monument status, worked closely with interior designer Thomas Haukes, who focused on the contemporary furniture and modern styling of the inside space.

The interior is so chic and gorgeous with all white walls to give the home an open-airy feeling. Interior walls and partitions are minimal so that light and flow is easily distributed between the bedroom, dining room, kitchen and living areas.

From looking inside, you can see many elements of the church throughout the space such as the stained glass windows, wooden floors and cathedral ceilings, all entwined with the new elements that now make this place a home.

This amazing dwelling, which is currently for sale by the owners, offers extra options for the would-be buyers to install an internal elevator, alarm installation and additional bedrooms.

  • Twin Bedspreads
    December 9, 2010

    Wow! What a great remodeling it was!
    I have no words for this. The new home looks fantastic.
    I wonder who will live there though :)

    Nive blog btw!

  • Ashley M
    December 8, 2013

    I’m actually kind of sad its a house now. That would be a very lovely place to have a wedding!

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