Dream Home: Rutherford House by Dorrington Architects and Associates

Dorrington Architects and Associates were tasked to design the Rutherford House located in Oruatua, NZ specifically in Taupo Tauranga. This dream home was created following the concept of a modern holiday house designed specifically to endure both cold winters and hot summers.

The resulting creation became an elegantly designed modern home that fits perfectly within its natural environment. The implemented house floor plans were open and provided with huge windows so that it blurs the distinction between the interiors and exteriors. For me, this modern architecture has artfully detailed design and layout that exudes elegance and sophistication.

The interior design is a mixture of different elements including fine natural grain stairs, elevated decks and floors, oak cabinets and flooring that complements the park-like views of the exteriors. The cozy fireplace is surrounded by sunken living room.

What I find excellent about this design is its sustainable features including – thermal mass provided by bagged block walls and polished concrete floors, passive ventilation mostly on the building faces and heating interiorly and exteriorly through open fires. In fact, this home has been awarded with the NZIA 2009 Residential Architecture Award. (Via)

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