Dream Home: Shakin Stevens House by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design

Jaw-dropping! This dream home is definitely awe-inspiring – the Shakin Stevens House that was designed and completed by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design. This stunningly modern home can be found in Melbourne, Australia and on first glance – I must say I exclaimed – wow!

Honestly, I was more taken aback by the boxed façade – like various volumes of boxes or cubes were put together. The three colliding cubes can be found on the rear side – which made the modern architecture look like dices placed randomly on top of each other beside the Victorian Monopoly house.

The continuity of space especially within the interiors is seamlessly amazing. The interior design is dominated with white color scheme and highlighted by green to emphasize the flow and connection of space. This inspirational layout for this home especially the implemented open house floor plans created a seemingly spacious space without sacrificing functionality.

My personal favorite is the great kitchen especially the smart use of green highlight creating a really interesting, pleasing to the eye and unique space. Also, “green” is not only a color highlight but also a representation of an ecologically sustainable development place of residence. I think this is already an interesting point to consider.

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