Dream Home: Shakin Stevens House by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

In my humble opinion, the Shakin Stevens House is pure and simple yet undeniably elegant – not to mention it is cubed. The design of this dream home is not just about the colored front door but also the experience of the owners and their visitors as they go beyond it. The front door is green and the concept followed by this modern home is continuity and flow of space because there are no other doors beyond it.

The delineation of space within this modern architecture is less finite with soft characteristics like the street. The rear side is composed of 3 white cubes looking like they’ve been placed randomly on top of one another. Each of the cubes houses different functional space, which is perceived interiorly and exteriorly.

The inspirational layout of the cubes seemed to be program to do one thing – to orchestrate views from the interiors to the green elements and expansive views within and beyond the site. I would like to add connectivity of the interiors within itself and with its surroundings. The use of floor to ceiling glass is proof of that. But despite this seemingly open space, this modern home is not without privacy. It is just that the kind of privacy we’re talking about here is something that connects and relates.

I can see that the Matt Gibson Architecture + Design had done a good – or perhaps the best – job in keeping the space and increasing the amenity. But this is not to say that the space has been limited. In fact, the space seemed to be bigger, more functional with abundant natural light and visually connected within and beyond the site. I stand in awe especially looking at the great kitchen where it feels pure and perfect.

The color scheme used in this project interiorly is predominantly white with some highlighting. The highlighting is obviously green, which resembles the natural color of the garden. The home is like the focus within the green spaces throughout the site but in the same way it has blended and complemented beautifully not only through architectural design but also in its interior design. I’m sure many would agree that this home is a sight for sore eyes.

You can just check out the continuity of space within the interiors and I know you’d be amazed by how it was done. The modern architects followed and implemented the house floor plans perfectly so that it became a space that puts emphasis on green relationship and connectivity. (Source)

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