Dream Home: Sorrento House by Robert Mills Architects

I stand in awe just looking at this beautiful piece of architecture designed and completed by Robert Mills Architects. I must say this is the most unique kind of dream home anybody could ever have. The Sorrento House is a modern home or should I say a modern Palladian villa, which stands out among the great seaside villas. Apart from that, it also adds a great twist to the location in Victoria, Australia particularly at Mornington Peninsula.

This modern architecture has been designed on a large scale, but the fine details are extraordinary. It looks similar to the wild and rugged splendor of the coast. It showcases the essence of modern interior design and architecture with a monochromatic palette and particularly the exposed concrete and hone basalt. It is a seamless and intimate union of the raw elements and natural landscape of the coast.

The modern architects implemented the house floor plans according to the idea of a beach house, where all the sophistication, elegance and convenience of modern living are present, but clad with the beautiful simplicity of casual clothes. This concept has been approached by allowing the architecture to become its actual finish. The interiors as well as exteriors show the raw materials – concrete, timber with their natural flaws exposed and honed basalt floors. This ensures that the home has a comfortable air and look to it especially when contrasted against its natural environment.

The entire ground floor of the house is its very own living space. It also has an open-plan layout with a north-facing terrace, which is ideal for entertaining friends and family. Large pieces of glass allow an abundance of natural light to seep into the entire living and dining spaces as well as create a seamless connection of the interior to the terrace and the pool outside.

The home is spacious, which is owed so much to the high ceilings and simplicity of color palette. It is highlighted by the natural pale ash ceilings and dove grey carpentry that continues upstairs towards the bedroom. The interior design has brought the entire house onto a higher level. Tribal sculptures and Aboriginal art pieces decorate the interior creating contrast to the raw finish.

I love the great kitchen and bathroom design – modern yet natural-looking at the same time. It is like being in another dimension altogether.

Photographs by Earl Carter.

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