Dream Home: Steel and Glass Dwelling by GASS Architects

At a glance, the concept I can think of about Steel and Glass Dwelling is continuity and smooth flow of the public spaces while privacy is maintained. I can only say wow as I look at this amazing dream home. Iā€™m sure anyone would agree that this modern home is stunningly beautiful.

This modern architecture has been designed by GASS Architects and is located at the Westcliff Ridge within a wooded site provided with stunning views of the skyline of Johannesburg, South Africa. The Westcliff Pavilion is created with steel frame so that the magnificent views are taken into the interiors and would take part in the interior design concept.

The steel frame has created minimal impact on site so that the building seems to float above the ground plane ā€“ a really smart and very creative move on the modern architects and designers of this home. It also provided the home timeless visual characteristics and elegance and allowed the integration of solid timber floors blend successfully with the exterior solid decking.

The house floor plans were implemented perfectly so it complements the site, the design, the views and beyond. There is also a floating stone incorporated into the overall design ā€“ just like other houses located on Westcliff Ridge. In fact, the other houses are popular for their detailed and native stonework and I believe this is the focal point of the design. However, the designers placed a twist on the walls so that it differentiates with that of the other houses with similar indigenous stone in their designs.

The bathroom design just like the bedroom has an open plan living with floor to ceiling glass windows that takes in the beauty of the landscape. I love the continuity of space from the living room towards the great kitchen with the same exterior relationship.

Overall, the Steel and Glass Dwelling has an inspirational layout and it created a very stunning place to call home.


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