Dream Home: Stylish Swedish Villa

If there is one thing that makes this Stylish Swedish Villa stand out, it is its functionality combined with elegance in style. It is an ultimate dream home that anyone would want to have that is located in Stockholm County particularly in the town of Lannersta, Sweden. The modern home has undergone renovation from floor to ceiling and was given generous house floor plans so it stands within 2,260-square foot area.

The interior design has been emphasized with style, functionality and sense of space. The interiors will not deny these three facts. The large windows allow abundant natural light to enter the private domain and the high ceilings made the home very spacious. It also has an inspirational outdoor patio and the entire layout of the home is focused on pleasing the eyes.

I want to point the spacious living room on the lower level joined with two bedrooms. The bathroom design is aimed to connect the bedrooms. There is also significant relationship shown between the interiors and exteriors.

On the upper level, there is the great kitchen, which I love especially when it is clad in white – pure and very clean. There are two dining areas – one with informal design while the other has more formal style aimed for entertaining. A second living room upstairs is also provided with a stylish and elegant fireplace, great for entertaining family and friends. In addition, a spacious terrace can also be accessed from this room.

The modern architects who completed the design has implemented well-thought of house floor plans. In addition to the two bedrooms below, there are also three bedrooms on this level.

The entire home is clad with ash floors, white walls and some highlights shown in the ceiling. This modern architecture features simple yet elegant design with an interesting contrast made exteriorly by the beautiful landscape.

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  • Cathy
    November 27, 2012

    What a beautifully designed house! People who get the opportunity to live in such houses are very lucky.

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