Dream Home: Tantangan Villa by Word of Mouth

I have come to realize that the beauty and splendor of nature can possibly be found within a dream home such as the Tantangan Villa located in Bali. This dreamy, cozy and warm architecture was designed and completed by Word of Mouth.

It is a single family residence situated in Nyanyi Beach, which is a private and secluded beach on Bali’s west coast. The home overlooks the Indian Ocean on the West, while the natural river system is on its north. It takes advantage of the beauty of nature hence the interior design is explained accordingly. The interiors are spacious, stylish and honestly words aren’t enough to describe how it made me feel just by looking – how much more if I am going to live in it?

Additionally, the inspirational layout of this villa tries to capture the spectacular landscape and as I’ve already mentioned – nature has found its way into this wonderful home. The bathroom design is modern yet warm and relaxing at the same time – which is essential for a private space.

The design of the entire home is subtly sophisticated because of its connection to nature. It is also important to note that the remote location of the villa has required several green initiatives so that it is self-sufficient. The designer in the firm that created the concept and implemented this very idea has definitely achieved what they had hoped. (via)

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