Dream Home: Tempo House by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

The first thing that I noticed about the Tempo House was that nature played a huge part in the design especially in the spatial relationship of the garden and the modern home. For me, this approach has made this truly a dream home because of the warm and cozy effect of nature. The project was done by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura, which is a complete restoration of a previously colonial style house so that a modern home will rise in its stead.

It is located in one of the neighborhoods of the charming Rio de Janeiro. Its site is extraordinary considering that there are many exotic trees and plants, which are results of the amazingly original landscape by architect Burle Marx. The home stands at 1,500 square meters and is subdivided into two volumes.

The main and larger volume is the family’s house while the smaller volume houses the staff’s rooms, Home Theater, garage, laundry and SPA – which is directly connected to the public outdoor domain like the patio, pool and entertaining area.

I love the bathroom design of this home – this area deserves attention, just look at that 5-star quality, the ultimate privacy and the comforting atmosphere of the area. Oh and, did I mention I love this part of the house?

The owners required to preserve the original distribution and dimensions of the house while making sure that it has a modern look. In this view, the exterior walls were preserved while the interior ones were demolished and rebuilt using a new layout developed by the modern architects.

Both of the two volumes were given new spaces on top – a home office with roof garden on the main volume and the apartment of two bedrooms on the smaller volume for the staff.

As expected, the main principle was to incorporate the exterior garden with the interiors, which was achieved by opening the large windows and doors. The interior design was developed so that the interior spaces were given large and clean look with the least fluent relationship. The Brazilian environment played a major role in the completion of the final looks of the house – which I find truly inspirational. Despite the marvelous climate, there are also aggressive times where strong rains and hard sunlight take place – which is why the house is built with large canopies around the house and protective slat screens on the exterior side. (Via)

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