Dream Home: The Barry Street Residence by Caia di Lizio

Definitely 5-star – this is the only thing I can say about The Barry Street Residence. This 5-star dream home is filled with sharp edges when it comes to design but it made up a bold design scheme that an ordinary modern home may not dare to come up with. The contrasting black and white design represents strength and modernity hence this modern architecture – in its entirety.

It is designed and completed by Caia di Lizio, which was established in the year 2008. The architectural firm is a partnership of Nicolina Caia and Tania Di Lizio and together they worked on several projects ranging from high-end residential and retail fit-outs to hospitality design, commercial developments and even small renovations.

Because of careful spatial planning and good material combination, the design outcome becomes clear for the modern architects and this is the principle they followed throughout their projects. I would love to admit that I became in love – at first sight – on The Barry Street Residence not because it is bold and represents strength in personality but because it is the kind of home you would want to relax in with at the end of a long and tiring day.

This project by Caia di Lizio is a renovation and extension to a house located in Kew, which is a suburb in Melbourne. It is overwhelming in terms of personality and style – so there is really not much to say about it. You can just look at the entire layout and the implemented house floor plans and you would say it is very inspirational in more ways than one.

The 2 rooms on the front were kept in their original style while the rear was opened up so that abundant natural light is allowed throughout the interiors and shed light to the beautiful interior design. This is where the transition of the building to a modernist architecture is apparent. The great kitchen is very clean and this time I am not ashamed to admit that I just love the bathroom design.

This house is indeed stunning especially with the way the designers chose the treatments and furnishings.

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