Dream Home: The Courtyard House by Hiren Patel Architects

I am proud to introduce The Courtyard House that was designed and completed by Hiren Patel Architects. This dazzling dream home can be found in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I love the design approach that the modern architects used in this project – grid of 7’x7’. The concept used in this project was to create a home with all living spaces as well as passages face an open space and garden. In fact, this is the focal point of design since the very beginning – creating a courtyard at the center, which holds the reflection pool.

The modern architecture evokes a design that’s introverted with a garden at the rear side but is still visible and accessible from all living spaces within the house. In my opinion, this is an ingenious and unique design that really stands out. The formal living room is the first thing you’ll set eyes upon along with two bedrooms and a passage that runs parallel to the central courtyard and pool. It is this layout that brings inspiration to me.

The passage that I have mentioned leads to the dining room and living room, which receives the most traffic within the home, and also has the huge veranda on all three sides. This opens the area further to the north side of the garden.

Throughout the interiors, huge openings and skylight allow enough natural light to seep into the home during the day and this feature is one of the essential things for interior design considering the Ahmedabad climate. Light is important in the design approach but it should not allow scorching heat hence the screen and deep veranda feature. The verandas provide entertainment space exteriorly especially on relatively cool mornings and evenings.

I find the Courtyard House really inspirational especially with the use of RCC roof structure, which is covered with wood including those that are covering the veranda and upper rooms. The floor is clad with natural marble stone and wooden planks. The doors and windows are custom-made created from wood and laminated glass. I must say that this home has a “timeless” quality. (via)

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