Dream Home: The Mid-North Residence by Vinci Hamp Architects

If there is one inspirational dream home I’d like to have, it is The Mid-North Residence that was designed and completed by Vinci Hamp Architects. The modern home is a historic masonry complex located in Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago.

This modern architecture, once a barn, has become a dairy distribution center and its most recent transformation is a gallery and artist’s studio. Finally, this commercial building has become a home for a family of five on which the Vinci Hamp Architects demonstrated their exceptional and magnificent skills to enhance both interiors and exteriors.

Aesthetically speaking, the layout may not be the best and the implementation of the house floor plans may be flawed but the fluidity of space and the positioning of fixtures and furniture is – I think – excellent.

Exteriorly, the masonry walls measuring 9,100-square foot, the three-story barn and the one-story commercial architecture were kept intact but a new interior layout was focused largely on the courtyard. I must say the interior design is focused on complementing the courtyard as well but it was nonetheless private and very homey.

The great kitchen and bathroom design is really awesome and I must say these two areas of the home is my personal favorite. It evokes a relaxing feeling and I am very glad to present this project with this kind of kitchen and bathroom design.

The private spaces like the bedrooms are located on the upper floors, which are provided with outdoor terraces. There is also a small basement where you can find the mechanical, storage and exercise rooms. The entire project features an entirely new building system with an exceptional exterior enclosure.

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