Dream Home: Villa Blabar by PS Arkitektur

I have not seen anything so daring yet earthly beautiful modern home quite like the Villa Blabar. This dream home has been completed and designed by PS Arkitektur and is located in Nacka – outside of Stockholm. They are Sweden-based design firm that developed a concept to be implemented for this modern architecture.

The primary concept was inserting expansive views of lush forest, spaciousness and uncompromising design layout – which I find very interesting and inspirational by the way.

The entire house was completely covered with roofing felt – the modern architects created several volumes to test on the model. The roofing felt was created as one of them – which the owner had chosen. The geometry of the house was initially challenging because the house floor plans to be implemented were to place all living spaces in the same level without distorting the nature of environment – the sloping ground.

The beautiful and natural building site helped create the identity of the house as it hovers on concrete blocks covered in blueberries, slender pines and heather. Exteriorly, the slate black surface created a strong contrast for the white interiors. Fixtures like wardrobes, lighting scheme and even sockets were built inset on walls and ceiling to complete the idea of clean and even look.

As always, I love the black to white contrast – it is bold, sharp but at the same time elegant and sophisticated.


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