Dream Home: Villa Sapi by David Lombardi

Villa Sapi is definitely a getaway dream home for me considering that the design and concept have been approached with “vacation retreat” in mind. The design of this modern home is created and completed by David Lombardi in Indonesia particularly in Lombok Island.

The modern architecture stands royally on a 3-hectare beachfront amidst hundreds of palm and coconut trees. David Lombardi is an advocate of “Function over Form” but this does not mean that the resulting architecture has no style or elegance. In fact, the design leaves any onlooker a sense of adventure while discovering something new or unveiling a surprising element throughout.

There are two modern standalone buildings for this villa, which are both surrounded with fishponds and gardens that continue towards the pristine white beach.

The main building is actually referred to as the vortex, where everyone may gather to relax and chill out. It is also a place where people can explore. There is also the guest house, which has a modern layout – and inspirational by the way – considered as the Inner Sanctum. It is independent and in a considerable distance away from the main building. This allows privacy for your guests.

The design is modern especially in its architectural style and amenities. However, some traditional elements are still in place including the Indonesian huts scattered throughout the estate thus giving the guests the chance of relaxing as they spend some time with nature. The materials utilized all demonstrate the designer’s unique vision and commitment to locally produced materials.

The furnishings are mixture of different color scheme including lime green, red and black.

If you’re wishing to stay at Villa Sapi, press here.

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