Dream Home: Warehouse Style Loft by Ando – Studio

The Warehouse Style Loft  by Israeli design studio Ando – Studio is a project that involved transforming an abandoned old factory or could otherwise be called a large warehouse. For me, this is a dream home – so welcoming, inviting, comfortable and warm – just the way I like for a home, which I could retire to after a long and tiring day.

The modern home is full of personal details and vibes – definitely not minimalist if you ask me. Expectations would say that since the original building was an old warehouse the modern architecture would automatically have the industrial feel. This place of residence definitely doesn’t have this industrial characteristic. If you look at the entire interior design or check it out from the interiors to the exteriors, you might think it is suitable to call it eclectic.

The inspirational layout of the home kept it light and spacious, stylish and elegant but not sacrificing functionality of each living space. Concrete was maintained to be minimal and wood dominated the entire building – which in my opinion is a complementary treat to the place. It is combined with the soft furnishings allowing the interiors to be more inviting and relaxing.

The home has an open-plan concept so natural circulation and adequate natural light seeps in, which is actually attributed to the large windows. Personal highlights like art and lighting scheme kept the indoors appealing and art-like.

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  • Beth
    January 14, 2013

    I love this modern interior! And I love the squares on the walls. I’m really excited to be ordering some square metal prints from http://www.freshsquared.com for our place. They really have a modern and high end look. And they are super easy to hang (no frames!).



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