Dream Home: Waterfront House

The Waterfront House, as the name implies, is a spectacular dream home in front of an ocean. At a glance, it looks heavenly and surreal – I couldn’t find the right words to describe this modern home. The modern architecture can be viewed as a place where paradise exists – an atmosphere that we all want for our homes to have.

The architectural elements as well as the implemented house floor plans are in synch with each other and to say that I am impressed is like understating its design. It is like a piece of heaven has been cut out and was brought into this place where owners can spend long time of happiness and comfort.

The interior design is natural and elegant – which jives with the rest of the architectural design and the materials used in its construction. The combination of elements within the interiors gave it its contemporary looks yet with a touch of classical elegance. This is a kind of design that is rarely seen in most home design.

Nature has taken its part in this place and gave it a pleasing sense of quietness, calmness and peace. If I am looking for a place to spend my life for a long time, I would choose this one. It is a place away from the hustles and bustles of life in the city. It is located at a suburb in Australia specifically in Randwick. This inspirational house features primitive wood insertions especially through the elegant and stylish furniture giving the layout adequate highlights wherever necessary.

I also love the great kitchen and just like the rest of the house this particular living space gives an air of warmth and coziness.

Since the ocean is close to the house, it gave an impression that the entire architecture is floating on a body of water, which is enhanced by the beautiful windows and the design externally. The terrace is a great place for relaxation where cozy chairs are systematically placed.


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