Estate in Extremadura – Cáceres, Spain by Ábaton Architects

Once an abandoned stable existing amongst this land of rural cow pastures, the Estate in Extremadura in Cáceres, Spain is a modern dream home designed by owner/architects, Ábaton. Nestled into its rolling hillside, this eco-efficient family dwelling is a splendor.

At almost 3,500 square feet, this two-level residence was built with natural stones sourced from its surroundings, while vast water energy and solar systems were put in place as this home is not connected to any city supply grid.

Meshing beautifully with its encompassing vast farmland, this home features a traditionally-pitched terra cotta tile roof with stonework and timber wrapping the exterior. Metal-framed wood stable doors open to expose bedrooms and the kitchen to the grassy hill immediately outside. A rectangular pool rests beneath an embankment and juts out elegantly over the ridge. This water, along with the rest of the home’s for bathing and drinking, is completely sourced from nearby mountain streams.

A central courtyard features a sleek water fountain which can be viewed and enjoyed from the living areas. Sliding glass doors open, creating a cross-breeze from the opposite side of the home.

A large kitchen seats many family members at its minimalist white table with wood chairs. Smooth stone-tile floors connect this space to the main living room which is downright remarkable. Furniture is modern, though mixed with naturally-distressed woods which makes for an interesting attribute. The sloped ceiling here definitely adds a sensuous vibe to the space.

Walls were removed as part of the renovation, leaving vertical structural beams exposed, allowing for uninterrupted views across the interior. A tall white, wood-burning fireplace grounds this lounging zone and is striking within this elegantly austere environment. Metal railings overlook this area from the upper level which once was haylofts and now house the bedrooms, exemplary spaces with clean, modern design.

All living areas–top to bottom–receive fresh air through glass doors which open allowing for endless views of the Spanish countryside. This effect is magical, with abundant natural light spilling into the airy spaces, creating an organic beauty from within.

Perhaps most remarkable are the bathrooms–one designed especially for the many children of this extended family–features two-tiered sinks made of raw concrete. An ensuite master bath boasts an elongated sink which, like the children’s, spills into the adjacent step-in shower which is so strikingly unrestricted–not a glazed panel to be seen.

The rural Estate in Extremadura is one of those modern dream homes where one cannot discern which is more extraordinary–the views from the outside or within.

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