Extension vB4 by dmvA Architecten Belgium

When I first spotted this A-frame abode nestled in the deep lush woods, it immediately brought to mind a Hansel and Gretel-style modern dream home. Renovated by Belgium firm dmvA Architecten, vB4, a former vacation cottage, is situated in the countryside of  Mechelen and highlighted by an addition which seamlessly blends original with new.

Working around strict building parameters, this dwelling’s addition was kept to a mere 280 square feet, a “suspended” trapezoid melding into the existing triangular structure. The exterior is vertically clad in black siding, with timber decks flanking both the front and rear of this contemporary home. The completely glazed extension features a library, bathroom and newly situated entrance which is reached by a charming stone path.


What’s most captivating and clever about this modern home design is the sliding partition wall which affords privacy when extended. When opened, light floods the cozy spaces with views of the natural landscape including a pond and gardens coming into play, allowing the living areas to flow, sharing space with the outside.

Due to the exposed interior framing–which, to me, adds such character due to the A-frame bones–and overall white color scheme, this home has an unexpected spaciousness to it especially from the exterior view. Furnishings are white-on-white modern, with the library stacked with colorful books and black wood-burning stove creating sharp, attractive contrast. These minimalist interiors drenched in non-color are a superb juxtaposition to the forestal grounds which are brimming with deeply-hued, organic greens and browns.

A small structure of timber, steel and glass, vB4 is a unique, fresh modern dream home, perhaps what today’s fairytale living can be made of.


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