Genets 3 – Belgium by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

The Genets 3 project in Belgium by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners is a resplendent modern dream home, a glass box atop a glass box, tucked into the sloped countryside abundant with mature trees and gardens.

This almost 11,000 square-foot four bedroom family home features a restrained profile, though manages to portray various levels of architectural allure. For instance, the swimming pool is breathtaking, a long and narrow water feature designed to simultaneously penetrate the indoor and outdoor areas. An automated wall is the only consideration for dividing the two and, when opened, allows the pool to flow freely. Such a clever–and super cool–strategy is the movable floor which seamlessly covers the pool for social gatherings.

The wide set of stairs are massive and steep, becoming a sculptural beauty all their own. Up one floor is the main living area which harnesses a non-stop spaciousness and overflows with natural light. Full volume glass walls fitted with sliding doors frame the sprawling grounds, creating a perpetual harmony with the outside.

The gallery living room and dining room are shared, separated solely by a freestanding cubed bookshelf. Dual lounging spaces afford different views–one faces the vast countryside while the other is focused around the white built-in fireplace. Minimalist furnishings and a dominant grey color palette with select magenta and plum accents create a soothing, sophisticated vibe. The well-planned kitchen runs parallel to an elongated terrace which embraces morning sunlight.

The mezzanine office space and bedrooms reside on the next level, with the exception of the master studio suite which sits in its own structure upon the roof and is an open arrangement of space. The bathroom here is a stunner, with a series of white block islands which are actually the soaking tub, countertop and sink vanity. These elements run perpendicular to a glass wall which spills out to a tree-framed private terrace. Splendid!

Genets 3 is a visionary modern dream home, a glass menagerie of imagination and possibilities for the family residing there.

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