Harding House – Wellington, New Zealand by Athfield Architects

Location, location, location. Harding House seems to possess some of the most amazing views, utmost privacy, rays of natural light and most of all, its own unique character. Designed by Athfield Architects, this lone plot of land overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Wellington, New Zealand now boasts a stunning modern dream home.

There is nothing frivolous about this house which is quite refreshing. Natural materials provide a strong aesthetic, while the residents’ personalities and passions–such as family camping and outings–come into play.

A mix of steel, timber and concrete clad the elongated structure, with some of those materials transformed into interior spaces as well. For instance, the open living room-kitchen-dining area features walls of concrete block which on their own may appear cold. However, the plywood ceilings, dark hardwood flooring and rustic touches like the wood-burning stove and raw wood-plank dining table contribute warmth.

The kitchen sits on a smooth concrete floor and features a large stainless steel-topped island with chrome stools. A cool blackboard partition houses a stocked pantry. Clerestory windows deposit light, which the home was specifically designed to consistently receive between sunrise and sunset. This airy living space opens fully onto the protected outdoor deck which offers breathtaking vistas of the Pacific.

Furnishings are a blend of modern and contemporary, with animal hide accent rugs thrown in for good measure. A large built-in window seat provides a cozy nook to relax and read in while taking in the views of trees and water. In one corner, a classic piano exists, adding another personal touch to the space.

A stairwell becomes a spectacle all its own with a set of cut-out globe pendants which cast geometric shadows upon the ceilings and walls.  A vertical window slat features a perforated screen which complements this innovative and artistic utilization of light. At the top of the landing, a sole artwork highlighted by gallery-like spotlights draws attention.

Harding House is a compilation of natural materials and textures, all understated and fitting for a family wanting to enjoy open indoor-outdoor living spaces while spending time together.

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  • Busto Draudim
    December 5, 2013

    This house looks moders, fashionable and original.

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