House in Psychiko – Athens, Greece by KLab architecture

KLab architecture of Athens, Greece was recently assigned the challenging task of re-designing a house which was already in the midst of construction. Using ingenuity, the architects created House in Psychiko, a modern dream home built for a family of five.

Situated in a residential suburb of Athens, this five-story home was a vertically-driven concrete structure, typical of the neighborhood aesthetic. To avoid such a sterile, literal facade, the architects became creative with materials and design elements, adding a wooden-box balcony, framed windows, new openings and cantilevering across the volume. Another main priority was to enlarge the main living area, providing more conducive spaces for an active family lifestyle.

From the street perspective, the rich wood cladding contrasts the white building magnificently. Window openings vary in size and shape, creating immediate interest. In the evening, well-arranged accent lighting across the exterior presents a captivating architectural vision. The LED address light at the entry door is a particularly cool concept.

The living room, dining room and kitchen occupy the same floor. What’s most intriguing about this fresh design is the seamless back-and-forth between inside and outdoor living. The same wood was utilized for the pergolas and expansive pool deck which lies flush with the living room’s floor. Sliding glass doors built within all three exterior walls create an open-air, garden experience for family and friends to enjoy together. The views from within look out onto the rectangular swimming pool, trees and quaint backyard.

The narrow kitchen was extended with a fully glazed cube where a casual dining set resides. This particular addition is not only quite functional, but contributes another dimension of light into the dwelling–love this!

Contemporary furniture includes a large grey sectional, ottoman and bold red accent chairs set aside the geometric corner fireplace. The utilitarian bulbs on wire fixtures are amazing–especially the caged designs above the dining table. Light wood floors float across the room, leading up the winding, open staircase to the children’s’ bedrooms and baths. One level up from there is the master suite, with a home office and roof garden on the top floor. The basement level is ideal with a playroom, guest suite and laundry area.

Considering the architects were working with an already-defined footprint and structural skeleton, the House in Pyschiko is a resplendent example of a transformed modern dream home, rescued with a most impressive redesign.

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