House on the House – Burgenland, Austria by Looping Architecture

Set into the countryside of Limbach near Burgenland, Austria, House on the House is a modern dream home by way of an extension designed by Looping Architecture.

What is most remarkable about this new structure is how it both harmonizes with and creates a striking juxtaposition to the existing farmhouse on the property. An immediate stand-out is the bold red hue of the upper story, wrapped entirely in polyurethane, which rests atop the box of the first level. Both the front and back facades are entirely glazed, allowing light from the unobstructed country sky to pour in relentlessly.

Interestingly, the base living area modestly sits upon a platform nestled into the grassy land, a glazed perimeter of retractable doors and flat roof, allowing the main focus to remain on the pitched structure above it. Despite the fact modern materials were utilized to build this contemporary dwelling, it melds beautifully with the residing farmhouse which seems to embrace it on both sides. Architectural ingenuity at its finest!

Original wood timber beams adding a rustic warmth to the smooth, large concrete pillars, glass windows and steel framing. Main living spaces are flowing and shared, bathed in neutral white and grey allowing the verdant greens from the surrounding natural landscape to penetrate. My eye was immediately drawn to the suspended staircase which ascends through a geometric drop-ceiling leading to the annex where bedrooms and private rooms reside. An entire wall is clad with shelves brimming with books, art and home accents. Furnishings are sparse and float amongst the open floor, a mix of modern and classic, with seemingly vintage pieces contributing interest to the minimalist interiors.

A sunken courtyard filled with rocks and indigenous, low-maintenance plants can be viewed from within the living room and creates a place to relax in the fresh air. A dining patio with solid farm table and a wall of stacked firewood is adjacent to this outdoor garden.

The House on a House is a dramatic interpretation of a rural-meets-modern approach to the modern dream home encompassing an unexpected pop of structure.

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