Jonathan Adler’s Shelter Island Compound by Gray Organschi Architecture

Jonathan Adler’s Shelter Island Compound is a modernist’s dream home, replete with retro-chic furnishings, rugs, lighting and decor synonymous with this genius designer. The one-story home was a collaborative vision of Jonathan and his husband, Simon Doonan, along with architects Gray Organischi, and has become their fabulous beachside retreat.

The desired vibe was “Big Sur Bohemian” -meets- ”rich Ibiza hippie” and that’s precisely what was delivered. The three bedroom, three bath home pops and perks with color, color…and more groovy color! Golden yellows, crisp turquoise, tangy orange and lime green burst across the sophisticated, yet decidedly whimsical interiors.

A fire-pit holds center stage in the modish living room where vintage finds fuse with contemporary treasures. Furnishings run the gamut from mid-century modern, to 60s cool and beyond. The suspended birdcage chairs breath a carefree energy into this brilliantly glazed space–oh what fun!

Cheery accessories include pottery, pillows and planters with a nice dose of artwork and artifacts thrown in this cleverly-planned, eclectic space. Personal photographs and plentiful heirlooms contribute to the overall funky design. The place has innate movement–everywhere you look, well, there’s something intriguing to see and discover–so delicious!

While the indoor spaces exude an upbeat and wondrous beauty, it’s the outdoor courtyard design which leaves us craving more. With a deep charcoal exterior that created a bit of an initial fuss amongst neighbors, the designers proved that the home would elegantly fuse with its natural surroundings. Boasting plants, flowers, pine trees, shrubbery, grasses and sand, the effect is zen-like and most inviting.

The swimming pool appears more like a placid pond nestled within this exotic garden which is masterfully carpeted with crushed shells–simply amazing! The cabana is a casually-hip lounge, with its U-shaped sofa, sun burst wall art and warm hues of a sunset–yellow, orange and red. Après sun and swim, this is the quintessential spot for chilling with a good book, not to mention a refreshing cocktail. (Now, if only I’d receive an invite…)

With a modern attitude of Palm Springs posh meshed with East Coast style, Jonathan Adler’s Shelter Island Home is absolutely inspirational.

Images: Architectural Digest | Joshua McHugh

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