Kempart Loft – Belgium by Dethier Architectures

An abandoned industrial bakery, the Kempart Loft in Liege, Belgium was transformed by Dethier Architectures into an ultra-modern dream home doused in severe futuristic style.

Inspired by the clients’ affinity towards precision engineering, the design team worked to create the approximately 1,660 square-foot modular space which is primarily one open area, though divided into zones by metal corrugations stemming from the pitched roof.  A centralized, podlike structure resembling an iconic Airstream trailer rests in the middle of the stark space, acting as an aerodynamic container for two bathrooms, storage and the heating/ventilation systems, as well as the flat-screen television. Doors in this unit can fold open or slide shut to induce an intensely streamlined aesthetic. Abundant uplighting throughout aids an airy sense of the space.

Interiors are virtually monochromatic in grey and white, while the gleaming brushed aluminum contributes a sleek effect to the radically minimalist home. One bathroom bursts in lime green, while the other buzzes with tangerine walls and accents. Each has a portal-type window, allowing these vivid hues to glow from within, creating pops of color to the otherwise muted living areas.

The bedroom resides in the north sector of the loft while the lounge rests at the south. This living room consists of custom-made sectional seating which was intentionally positioned so when relaxing, the residents could have sight-lines of the neighborhood street at one end and the rooftop terrace via the other. The spacious, connected kitchen is sheathed in white and stainless steel, yet surprises with bright red chairs at the dining table. A wall panel with LED read-out further adds a space-age vibe.

Unexpected is the expansive garden roof terrace, which is nearly twice the size of the interior living plan. This contrasting space engages the more organic elements of the outdoors with wood decking, brickwork and potted greenery

The Kempart Loft is a boldly reinterpreted dream loft which takes extreme minimalistic design to its outermost realms.

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