Lake Lugano House by JM Architecture

Not your typical European villa, the Lake Lugano House is an extraordinary modern dream home made almost entirely of glass. Designed by Milan-based JM Architecture, this two-story, three bedroom, two bath structure sits perched above Lake Lugano, where the mountains of Switzerland and Italy can equally be admired.

The almost 6,500 square foot foundation, while a polygonal-type shape, escapes hard edges with sensuously rounded corners and unequal wall lengths. The result is a stunning sculptural dwelling which beckons natural light from every perspective thanks to the well-planned, unobstructed visibility.

Such a functional design aspect, yet just as intriguing, is the main central volume placed within the dwelling which houses the kitchen, bath, staircase and storage. I’m admiring how the home then becomes an open living area surrounding its core, which then expands to the outside, greeting a perimeter courtyard which envelops the home and is bordered by a privacy wall. So, in essence, the home is a series of bands. So exquisite and decidedly modern!

This stunning residence is brimming with luxurious finishes, but the bleached wood flooring is a stand out. With the light wood, white walls and select LED lighting throughout, the home becomes awash in palette of sophistication and serenity. Minimalist, mid-century modern furnishings mainly in white round out the interior aesthetic.

Another striking contribution to this hillside dream home are the white rock gardens. This meticulous landscape design creates an openness to the private yard, while also allowing the abundant daylight to bounce between outside and in. In the evening, the distinctive lighting of the property radiates with a soft glow amongst the mountainscape, becoming art itself.

Not only is this glass villa an astounding architectural beauty, but sustainability such as rain water irrigation, thermal glass, cross-ventilation, a roof garden and radiant heating were all implemented as part of the eco-design.

The Lake Lugano House is resplendent in form, a modern dream home intensely captivating the senses of vision and movement.

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