LG House by Thirdstone Inc. – Edmonton, Canada

Thirdstone Inc., a Canadian architectural design firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, accomplished a small space design challenge by cleverly maneuvering around a lot measuring a mere 25’ x 140’ to create the two-story LG House. While exuding the look of expensive finishes and details, this modern dream home was actually constructed from a set budget. It’s hard to believe this was an urban infill project.

Crediting imaginative design, appeal and function were not compromised by the usage of more reserved materials. For instance, the street-view facade consists of fiber-cement panels which were manipulated for a more economical installation. Horizontal knotted cedar planks were installed in rain-screen style for maximum preservation of the wood over time. Cedar was also used for the stylish wood scrim above the doorway.

With a total living area of approximately 3,400 square feet, the overall East-West exposure of the dwelling inspired the architects to harness natural energies afforded by that angle. Windows were strategically placed on both levels of the home to enable cross-ventilation. Glazed walls of both the front and back of the structure create both an airy aesthetic and provide plentiful natural light.

On the first floor, the living room, kitchen and dining room share an elongated space. From the interior, a hallway joins the main living space with the rear garage. Floating laminate flooring system was used throughout both levels.

Just through the entry, the living room is striking with a wall of walnut-stained storage, concealing the television but boasting a lovely wood-burning fireplace. Furnishings are minimalist in plush black leather with mirrored steel frames.

On to the kitchen, high-gloss white and charcoal cabinetry and white island countertop gleam with style. Track lighting was artfully mounted into black-painted recessed boxes, while custom wood panels house these contemporary fixtures.

The adjacent dining room features a wooden table with mid-century modern chairs and is adorned with an original colorful painting by the client. A unique folding fir-framed glass door system was installed to open unto the private, U-shaped central courtyard, which is flanked by cedar paneling on one side and a garden wall on the other. This quaint outdoor terrace is constantly basking in the southern sun.

Ascending a cantilevered wooden staircase are the bedrooms. The master suite features a stunning bathroom of taupe porcelain tiles and cedar wood. Down the hall, the children’s room displays ingenious planning. A moveable wardrobe unit acts as a room divider, while the general space was kept open and loft-like. (So much room to grow!)

The LG Home by Thirdstone Inc. is a modernist dream residence which thanks to efficient design and innovation, nestles seamlessly into its surrounding neighborhood.



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