Loft Space – Camden by Craft Design, London

The Loft Space by Craft Design of London stuns with an ultimate simplicity of one primary design element: a single, centralized structure which manages to induce function, distinctive spaces and interest all at once. Situated in Camden, one of the priorities design team Hugo D’Enjoy and Armando Elias took into consideration for this renovated modern dream home was to maximize the compact urban space so typical to the London lifestyle.

With just under 603 square feet, this two-level residence engages natural light through windows and skylights, while walls are kept stark white and flooring a pale wood to further open up the floorplan. Interiors are warm and inviting, dotted with colorful decor which bursts against the neutral palette while adding doses of personality.

Staircases always entice me, and the one in this loft doesn’t cease to amaze. Built into an entire back wall unit which rises to the roofline, it features randomly-shaped cubicles to hold colorful books, art, collectibles–some delightfully quirky–and potted greenery. The stairs, which are in reality hollow boxes, ascend to the upper level mezzanine where the bedroom and work desk rest atop the core volume. From a lateral perspective off the main floor, this dimensional staircase seemingly meshes into the wall of shelving–brilliant design!

On one side of this partition is the homey living/lounging area draped in smoky greys, while the other side hosts the shared dining room/kitchen with streamlined cabinetry in white with an earthy wood countertop. The round dining table here is modern, exuding an eclectic vibe with four mismatched mid-century style chairs around it. A must-mention, the custom nook for the espresso machine is a most clever usage of space!

The bathroom is a surprising and cheerful room, fully embodied within the core unit. Minimalist in clean white and chrome, the walk-in shower features a rear wall doused in varying sunny yellow tiles. This happy, spa-like space also features built-in towel warmers.

The Loft Space in Camden is a unique modern dream home, utilizing just one structural focal point to both unite the layout and create a level of spaciousness within an otherwise intimate city dwelling.



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