Marcus Beach (Tree) House – Sunshine Coast, Queensland by Bark Design Architects

The Marcus Beach House by Bark Design Architects is a modern dream home situated near the beach along the Sunshine Coast in south east Queensland. Encompassing an approximately 500 square foot addition, this dwelling is visually and structurally focused around a magnificent 100-year-old Moreton Bay Ash.

From the street view, this modest-looking white and weathered grey-wood home is deceiving. What awaits on the other side is an architectural gem. The renovation specifically included the addition of a study, enclosed hallway, laundry and bathroom, bringing the total floorplan to just under 2,800 square feet. Built as two separate “pavilions” as the architect refers to them, the living areas are kept separate from the bedrooms but both areas deliberately envelop the historic tree.

What stands out is the exotic vibe of this contemporary residence–a natural mix of  timber–pale and dark, both inside and out–bold framing and especially the corrugated, semi-opaque polycarbonate sheeting which allows some light to penetrate while creating striking shadows across the facade. The glazed transparent bridge between both structures views the garden and Moreton Bay Ash, with its slender green leaves, pale grey trunk and dark tessellated lower bark, making this a truly enjoyable way to passage within the home. Sleek jalousie windows, as well as clerestory designs throughout allow for natural light resources and optimal cooling cross-breezes–no A/C necessary!

The lines between the outside living and interiors are beautifully blurred, with fully retractable doors at the point where the wood flooring is flush with the deck. A large roof overhangs this wood-screened area, which also contains a family dining table, so this outdoor space can be maximized throughout the seasons.

Just off of this area is an elegant cantilevered wood staircase which ascends the double-height section of this main living area and leads to the private quarters.  A separate, unique tower houses the parents’ bedroom suite, and when illuminated from within at night, portrays a soft glow. In fact, this entire contemporary home is stunning as the sun dips, when the architectural details of glass, timber and corrugated materials, as well as the soft blue-green of the geometric pool, create dimension and intrigue, exhibiting an undeniable connection to the exquisite, tree-centered landscape. A perimeter privacy wall is lushly wrapped with vines and greenery.

The Marcus Beach House defines coastal living as a modern dream home innovatively designed to harmonize with nature by gracefully hugging an exquisite, indigenous tree.  Perhaps this dwelling should be renamed the Moreton Bay Ash Home–simply amazing!

Photography by Christopher Frederick Jones

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