Marrickville House – Sydney by David Boyle Architect

Located in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, Marrickville House by David Boyle Architect is a structural composition of mixed materials, textures, colors, artwork, furnishings and plentiful personality.

The bright space fluctuates in volume and depth, which I find interesting and ideal considering this home is not overly large. The lofty ceilings and stark white walls lend a gallery feel to the interiors, which was a priority considering the owner’s vast collection of eccentric artworks and bric-a-brac.

The exterior remains geometric, clad in fibre cement panels in white and grey, with red cedar window framing and reclaimed bricks from the former building. Solar collection, organic ventilation and insulated floors are a few other green elements of this residence.

From the outside, the home looks clean-lined and contemporary. Once inside, rainbows abound, enticing a visual bounce from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. Windows and skylights placed with random precision are unexpected, allowing the natural light to play upon the many decorative elements of the contemporary spaces. Various arrangements of pendant lighting contribute an airy energy.

Furnishings are eclectic with patterns, shapes and materials varying, with a strong presence of natural wood including the matte floors. In the kitchen a mesmerizing mural seemingly representing the sea floats above the stove area, while smooth concrete floors glide across the rest of the elongated space. An outdoor patio sits adjacent to a wall of corrugated metal sheeting, painted with a weathered look which bodes well for this fused collection of style.

Particularly eye-catching is the workspace lined with custom Oregon timber built-ins including a back wall where books and such organized according to color spectrum. So funky!

Another room which must be mentioned is the bathroom. Bathed in panels of sunny yellow with a classic white claw-foot tub, this space splashes with happiness.

While not for everyone, the Marrickville House is an expressive modern dream home, embracing its owners artistic, perhaps quirky, lifestyle.


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