Merricks Farm House – Melbourne by Robson Rak Architecture

Set upon a 10-acre farm near Melbourne, the Merricks Farm House by Robson Rak Architecture is an unconventional modern dream home derived almost entirely of earth, glass and timber. Intended as a holiday retreat, this spacious residence fits a family of four and can easily be expanded upon as per the clients’ future plans.

A series of rectangular, two-level structures, this dwelling possesses a flat roof and boasts three separate living areas while maintaing a low-profile spread across the rural landscape. A foundation of natural elements used in constructing the dream home include the rammed earth walls made from indigenous sand. The distinctive textures of walls, which are featured on both the exterior and interiors, create varying hues according to where and when the daylight bounces. An understated palette of grey, beige, brown and white follows throughout the minimalist space, and evokes the organic beauty of the design.

The contemporary living room shares space with the open kitchen, and features a linear wood-burning fireplace set into one of the rammed earth walls bearing a light cream color. Horizontal windows above this structure, as well as the black-framed glass sliding glass doors here and in the dining area, welcome help to elicit an airy vibe and bring the outdoors in.

The sizable kitchen island is a remarkable focal point, and is wrapped in rectangular charcoal-hued tiles, some of which are heavily glazed creating a unique visual integration. Skylights are perched above this work area, allowing natural light to pour in and form striking geometric shadows within the space.

A deep soaking tub defines one of the bathrooms and sits under a window with stunning views of the lush trees. Industrial hanging glass pendants enclose a bare bulb and contrast the soft sheer drapery accenting the space. A half wall of glazed tiles harmoniously echo those in the kitchen.

An expansive back terrace overlooks the vast greenery of the farm property, features a dining table, additional fireplace nestled into a divider wall. Down a few steps is another patio featuring glazed panels embracing the pool, wooden pergola and lounging area.

Whether for a vacation get away or permanent residence, the Merricks Farm House is a modern dream home escape.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

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