Modern Dream Homes: H House by WRB Architects

Since their establishment in 2004, Stockholm firm Arkitektstudio Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff has worked to create unique modern architecture homes specific to each of their project needs. The H House, completed in 2006, is a private villa on a Stockholm archipelago overlooking the ocean.

In spite of the lovely site, there were some local issues that the firm had to deal with in the construction of the home, including Stockholm’s harsh climate in the coastal areas. As a result, the designers aimed to provide an eased transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces along the threshold that separates the two.

The “H” shaped plan helps to remedy climate issues by creating courtyards that are shielded from strong winds. Also on the property is a boat dock extending to the ocean and a substantially large timber container used to house firewood for the winter months.

Materials including concrete, rusted steel, natural pinewood, oiled timber and water (to infill pools and basins) were used in the home’s design and construction to create a serene home and landscape, at peace with the outer surroundings and climate elements. There are also large windows to showcase views across to opposing wings of the home’s plan, and to the outward landscape.

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  • SharonH
    June 19, 2010

    Can I just say W O W!! I love the openess of this house!!! I love the architect design and the feel.
    Heavy sigh…and….dream.

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