Modern Dream Homes: John Travolta’s Florida Residence

Modern Dream Homes: John Travolta's Florida Residence

When you talk about celebrity, it doesn’t get much bigger than John Travolta. I was at a lunch event this week and someone mentioned to me that I should take a look into the Travolta home in Ocala, Florida, as it boasts both modern architecture and interiors as well as having it’s own airport runway. I knew John Travolta could fly a jumbo jet, indeed I remember seeing him in the news one time flying a maiden voyage somewhere for Australia’s national airline, Qantas – I just didn’t know he parked them in his backyard!

Modern Dream Homes: John Travolta's Florida Residence

Purchased in 2003, initially to the delight of the neighbors who watched their home prices sky rocket from having Hollywood royalty in their town, the home has been the subject of local controversy over the adaptation of the plot to accomodate a reinforced taxiway and twin airport hub for Mr. Travolta’s Gulfstream and Boeing 707 jets (the community has an adjacent 1.4 mile runway, in case you’re wondering where on earth does he land a Boeing 707!). Indeed, it was reported that some of the neighbors have even sued over the noise pollution, which one assumes is related to the larger aircraft and not the Gulfstream. If those reports are true, one assumes that the majority of the neighbors are more than content with the Travolta’s taking up residence in their town.

Modern Dream Homes: John Travolta's Florida Residence

The interiors were styled in conjunction with Glendale, California-based Michael James Design Team which is a family-run business specializing in environmentally-friendly design. The house includes an aviation-themed room and a mini control tower – it sounds far fetched, but when you’re pulling up to the house in a jumbo jets I guess it’s probably more necessary than whimsical. Travolta’s wife, the model and actress Kelly Preston, is quoted as saying they started the home’s interior design planning with the kitchen, but judging by the pictures it seems that’s likely where her influence ended as it seems she indulged John’s love for aviation thereafter.

Modern Dream Homes: John Travolta's Florida Residence

Modern Dream Homes: John Travolta's Florida Residence

Modern Dream Homes: John Travolta's Florida Residence

Modern Dream Homes: John Travolta's Florida Residence

It’s an amazing home, luxurious in every way and with an airport hanger attached to the home, just for convenience sake, mind, we have to say that this is one very dreamy Modern Dream Home. We hope you enjoy it. Photos are courtesy of Architectural Digest, where the you can find the full article on the home (subject to subscription).

  • Jed
    March 21, 2010

    What an incredible house. I was just reading about another celebrity’s house in Jupiter, Florida which was done by Tampa Interior design a local Interior Designer named Katie Kirby.

  • pharmacy tech
    April 10, 2010

    What a great resource!

  • Luisa Dirr
    September 14, 2010

    There’s some interesting stuff here, thanks to the poster.

  • Windtee
    April 25, 2011

    As a pilot and aviation-enthusiast… I love it!

    JT’s main living-area (or terminal) reminds me of a 1960’s styled VIP/executive lounge. So nostalgic!

    Mural and sky-blue interior-walls resemble La Guardia Airport’s Marine Air Terminal in New York.

    I can hear the shuffle of passenger’s feet and the quiet roar of jetliner’s taking-off to exotic and wonderful destinations during what was the golden-age of legacy aviation and commercial air-travel.

    John, you greased it on the numbers!

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