Neon Pops in 1960s Villa Remodel by Amélie – Carpentras, France

With its almost cinematic allure and quirky pops of bright colour, this remodeled 1960s villa located near Carpentras, France displays a modern approach to simple, yet beautiful interior design. Envisioned by talented local decorator, Amélie, this home, while a rather nondescript dwelling prior to the transformation, has become a thought-provoking dwelling waiting to be rediscovered.

This entire dream house possesses a backdrop of a serene black-and-white palette. With a fabric wall mural depicting mirror-image elephants, white and acrylic modular seating, and a working fireplace with a base of definitely-arranged wooden logs, this contemporary living room is anything but typical. A focal point of this interior design is the central, low-standing coffee table which proclaims “yes” in a neon coral-red. Nearby a sizeable reclaimed wooden stump side table bears the notion “1 Love” and exposes a crack of that same neon hue, imaginatively tying the two furnishings together.

Just off of the living area is the dining room which is highlighted by a massive, rustic timber table, a stunning contrast to the ultra-modern, white molded chairs that surround it. Single-bulbs dangling from simple wires add a sparing touch, while a square grey and bright orange-red canvas add both texture and warmth to this unique interior space.

Around the corner to the open staircase, another unexpected pop of that neon red colour meets the eye in the form of a support beam. Once upstairs, the master suite entices with more tonal touches of grey, black and white. That same theme is carried through to the bathroom where a skylight basks the white walls, sink and tub in shining light.

A breathtaking centerpiece is the stand-alone cylindrical shower which is situated near a window to the outdoors and beckons natural light. Finished in a contemporary concrete hue, the shower structure harmoniously ties to the adjacent sink of the same material.

Interestingly, Carpentras is known for its traditional confectionary of brightly-striped, hard candies. Perhaps one could attribute the interior design perfection of surprising colour usage throughout this remodeled villa to this sweet tidbit of local culture.(via)

Photos : Henri Del Olmo

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