Noel Residence, Sarasota, Florida by Jonathan Parks Architect

One would never guess that the Noel Residence in Sarasota, Florida was built near a bustling intersection. Architect, Jonathan Parks, took this into consideration when flipping the 3,200 square-foot home so the living areas were sheltered from the street and instead opened onto the rear-facing lush lawn and pool terrace.

At first glance, this home is akin to a resort-style villa yet is actually a single-family home which includes young children. Not only is it an aesthetic masterpiece, but it also envelops award-winning green design (“Build Smart Gold Level” certification from Florida Power & Light.) An exterior of insulated concrete form (ICF) was used to diffuse heat, while fiberglass framed, dual-glazed windows were installed to block the hot rays. Native vegetation was planted along the various swales which also aided in reducing noise. Low-water irrigation systems were used throughout the landscaping, while a white reflective roof and large overhangs contribute to solar protection.

While not the home itself, the one design element I found magnetizing was the elevated pool. Customized by the architect, this swimming oasis replete with spa is at one point level with the patio which adjoins the main living area, yet is raised once a few steps are descended onto the grass. The fact that it is not a mere rectangle is intriguing to the eye. At night this pool becomes a placid pond of sorts, mirroring the star-filled sky.

As stark white and minimalist as the exterior exudes, the inside spaces are warmly hued in creamy lemon, tangerine and caramel. Retractable glazed walls are constantly opened, welcoming a fresh union between outside and in.

Additional light spills into the home through clearstory windows, which was cleverly segregated between entertaining and private areas. The main living room is where socializing takes place, while the bedrooms and family room–a place where the children can openly enjoy–is situated across the L-shaped layout. A great room of kitchen and entertainment room features 16-foot high ceilings, custom cabinetry, with slate-grey floor tiles expanding across the home. Classic modern furnishings prevail and are just as suitable for impressing guests as they are for family living.

The Noel Residence exemplifies modern dream home design excellence and how a family can indeed have the best of both worlds: a lifestyle for family and entertaining.


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