Paramount Residence – Sesto, Italy by Plasma Studio

Many times, home additions are made to meld with the existing structure, to blend away so the distinction between old and new is essentially null and void. This is not the case with the Paramount Residence, a modern dream home located in Sesto, Italy. Designed by owner/architect Ulla Hell of Plasma Studio, the two-story extension is a mesmerizing “webbed” timber system which commands individual attention–and receives it.

Interestingly, a software program designed the schematic for this slatted wood-on-steel, angular design element. Beginning at the bottom of the hill, this multi-dimensional larch wood formation gently zigs it way upwards, culminating with a thoroughly engaging rooftop sculpture. This modern masterpiece of living space gracefully mimics the characteristic lines of the nearby Dolomites which rest amongst the scenic backdrop, while offering 360-degree panoramic views. Depending on which angle the extension is viewed from, it almost possesses an illusion of movement–so hypnotic!

The first level contains the bedrooms which each open to vast terraces across the home, and are all accessed by a central hallway. It’s this exceptional area which deserves attention. A geometric slice of glass extends over the main staircase, ascending from wall to ceiling creating an elongated skylight. Because of the framing, this glazing appears faceted which is just stunning.

The second story of the addition is where the young family of five’s daily interaction takes place. An open plan contains the living, dining and kitchen spaces which are light-filled, flowing and fresh. Interior hues are left bare, which allows the outside mountain and forestal vistas to penetrate the spaces with more dramatic effect. Naturally, the children’s rooms do add pops of color which adds cheerful surprise to these sleeping and play spaces.

It’s noted that this dwelling also shares space with the family’s small hotel, as well as the architect’s office. Now, that’s a more than functional utilization and maximization of space as I see it.

Innovative in design, the Paramount Residence is a modern dream home with an impactful, yet utterly contemporary structure which, amazingly, harmonizes effortlessly with its natural, historic mountainscape.

Photography is by Hertha Hurnaus.

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