R House – Pabiance, Poland by Tamizo Architects Mateusz Stolarski

Another ultra-cool project by Polish firm Tamizo Architects Mateusz Stolarski is R House, a minimalist modern dream home situated in Pabiance, a central region of the country.

As with a few of their other projects, the designer masters the installation of matte black pieces against slabs of smooth grey concrete and bold white walls. While somewhat stark, these non-color spaces are connected by flow and exhibit an ease of lifestyle–don’t we all covet this?

Lounge furnishings are softly geometric, with plush, padded cubes elegantly arranged in modular form. Tray tables are sleek and don’t detract from the openness of the living room. The concrete fireplace is a hulking, yet demure structure occupying one main wall. Pale wood dining and desk tables tie in with the rustic wooden logs, hinting to this modern habitat’s slightly warmer design elements. Black framed glass joined with seamless glazed corners fashion an endless window to the sprawling grounds outside, capturing the green environment, while simultaneously enabling it to thrive within.

The simplicity of such a restrained palette is what allows this space to evoke its own striking personality. Light is everywhere, elegantly casting a subtle glow to the spacious living areas. The kitchen is one such zone, where a massive white cooking island harmonizes with the opposing clean-lined flat cabinetry. A windowed wall to an inner courtyard creates a structural interest here.

The bedroom features a stylish contemporary platform bed adjacent to a built-in vanity/workspace.The spa bathroom is stunning, draped with silky marble floors and walls, which seemingly embrace a free-standing, bowl-like tub. A singular glass pane designates the walk-in shower, a shared space fitted with ultra-modern fixtures in dramatic black.

R House is a modern dream home designed in extreme minimalism, exuding a mesmerizing, monochromatic theme while embodying a decadent degree of surrealism.

All images via Tamizo Architects Mateusz Stolarski.


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