Alpine Chalet by AKB

The Alpine Chalet is a residential project designed and completed by AKB. It is located at the foot of ski hill in southern Ontario. This dream home serves as a second home for a family composed of six people. The concept followed by the modern architects in the design of this modern home is inspired by the local barns in the surrounding area. The modern architecture has a reductive, monolithic form that is well-situated within the landscape.

The implemented house floor plans and their design may be understated but overall the chalet is beautiful. The style of the interiors as well as the interior design is quiet and subtle, demonstrating the quiet personality of the architects without sacrificing quality and functionality. I find the “Zen quality” of their work really impressive and stunning. It has both the quality of being colorful and playful.

Even though the barn-like design is familiar, any expectation you may have on the interior will be challenged. Most of the interiors have luminous quality and double-height space. Its layout is inspirational to say the least and the focal point of the design is the 3-sided floating fireplace, which is the vertical mass of Indiana limestone.

The private domains of this home are provided with utmost privacy but the bedrooms are still interconnected to each other. I find this approach stunningly impressive including the bathroom design.

Overall, I can say that the chalet is elegant but has relaxed quality. Its design is not stiff and strict as it has room for playfulness. It also has serene architectural edges that tone down what you might call as a busy area inside.

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