Shelter Island Home – New York by Michael Haverland Architect

The Shelter Island Home by Michael Haverland Architect is a modern dream home perched on the highest peak of the bayfront land. Careful consideration was taken during the planning phase of this 3,400 square foot, two-story addition to engage only in design principles harmonious with the existing beach cottage, which was retained for ecological purposes.

Natural stucco, glass and steel were the primary materials of the new structure, while the two classic pitched roofs are synonymous with the traditional style of the home. Large glass windows with oversize panes are abundant and remarkable for taking in the bay views. The structures were positioned according to exposure, with the living room facing north towards Connecticut. The master suite and guest room garner added privacy in the northwest, a space which also affords the beautiful sunsets.

The original cottage features a new floorplan, allowing for a spacious kitchen, dedicated dining room, breakfast porch with built-in pine furniture, as well as four bedrooms. It is joined with the new dwelling via a central vestibule, flat roof and deck area.

Most eye-catching are the colorful interiors of the living room, which feature entire walls of windows which soar, following the lines of the pitched roof. Pulses of blue, green, pink, aqua and red enliven this room which is clearly meant for entertainment, games and good times. Furnishings are an eclectic mix of custom pieces, as well as mid-century styles including the varied and whimsical lighting fixtures. Scattered area rugs mimic the blues of the mesmerizing water, which meets the edge of the sloping lush green lawn immediately outside this living area. An outdoor patio with endless northwest water views features a custom mahogany dining table and chairs.

The master bedroom is bathed in both natural light off of the bay side, as well as southern light which basks the space from opposite end. A post and beam evokes the historical structure of the original house, while an exposed loft-like space brings a modern vibe to the room. The silver bed from India and mirrored accents are serene against the bright yellow lacquered bed stands. Farmhouse-style sinks with gooseneck fixtures adorn the master bath which is warm with oak wood on walls and floors. Southern exposure and lines of trees just outside bring aspects of nature in.

The Shelter Island Home by Michael Haverland Architect exemplifies how classic structures can be used as a foundation for the creation of a modern dream home, especially when abundant natural elements such as water and land aid in the overall design aesthetic.

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