SODAE House in Amstelveen, The Netherlands by VMX Architects

Built by and for the architect of Dutch firm VMX, the SODAE House sits on a private island in Amstelveen, an area south of Amsterdam. This minimalist dream home for a family with children was purposely planned to become one with the preserved, natural landscape.

Perhaps my favorite observation of this ultra-modern structure is its silhouette. Defined lines and a hard geometric shape intrigue with beautiful slopes that seem to defy gravity. It possesses a simple refinement with smooth concrete and glazing, appearing absolutely nestled within the grassy foundation…like a rock would be. The rear of the home features windows that reach the ground level and reflect its natural splendor.

Reaching just over 5,300 square feet of living space, this three-story home is vertically divided between living and private quarters. Upon the first-floor, the open kitchen is positioned between two living rooms and features a floating wall of storage and cabinetry on either side, acting as partitions to the main spaces. Smooth concrete flooring connects the spacious rooms, while a subdued color scheme of grey, white and black bursts with a bright orange kitchen, where even the fixtures zing with this same citrus tone. (Interestingly enough, the family’s pet dalmatian also seems to adhere to the color balance!)

A basic wooden bench and table is the dining area which rests underneath one of the many slanted windows of the entire space. The afforded views of this level are priceless–miles of unspoiled land, a skyline of skyscrapers and aircrafts on their flight path.

A classic ebony piano sits next to a contemporary white spiral stairwell–a strong focal element–conveying a striking contrast in both color and form. On the other side of this sparsely furnished space, a horizontal wood-burning fireplace rests at the base of one of the storage units.

Another area of interest is the lighting–and its lack of complexity. A series of clear, bare bulbs in varying shapes and sizes are scattered across the ceiling. This simplicity works so well, one may even view it as an art installment. So genius!

Another staircase also leads downstairs to the bedrooms and bathrooms which face the gardens. Perched just above ground level, the floor-to-ceiling windows (which now slope on the inverse to those in the living areas) integrate the great outdoors with the inner habitat. A centralized bathroom is captivating with a freestanding tub mimicking the architectural lines of the space itself, which welcomes the outdoors through its entirely glazed wall. A basement level features a theater and in-home gym.

The SODAE House is an intentionally-planned modern dream home with unexpected allure.

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