South Yarra Residence – Melbourne by Carr Design Group

The South Yarra Residence located in suburban Melbourne is a distinctive modern dream home by Carr Design Group. Situated in the area’s prestigious Domain Precinct, this late 1920s home was originally a duplex belonging to famous Australian artist Sunday Reed.

The facade is reminiscent of a chateau, which remained unchanged as part of this combination restoration and addition. The west-facing rear of the home is the new two-story, fully-glazed structure, not detracting at all from the original character of the home while bringing forth a strong contemporary aesthetic.

Spacious at over 6,800 square feet, this modern dream home suits a family of five, providing plentiful private as well as shared living areas. The rooms towards the front of the original dwelling were renovated, opening up existing spaces while adding light pass-throughs. A large skylight is strategic, imparting natural light within the new structure and throughout the core of the home.

Black-and-white is strong and masculine as the primary palette, with spare yet comfortable furnishings and brightly-colored design pieces, including contemporary artwork, enlightening the interior spaces. The main living room features a fireplace wall, a low custom wood-burning design which is bold against stark white. Full volume sliding glass doors open to the patio and pool area which extends to an amazing concrete and glass staircase leading to separate guest quarters. The living room wraps around to the minimalist kitchen, resplendent with lustrous white cabinetry, breakfast bar and round dining table.

The main front entry (there’s a side approach, too) was masterfully restored from an original design. This painted black wood, glass and iron door leads to the bold white gallery-like entrance corridor of the residence. A favorite juxtaposition for me is this traditional front doorway, how it sits down the elongated hall and directly opposite an ultramodern, steel-framed floor-to-ceiling window facing a rustic brick exterior wall of the home next door. This interplay between traditional and contemporary in one shared space is phenomenal!

Magnificent high-gloss black floors contribute to the easy flow of interconnected living spaces, while a twisting staircase of the same material adds a sculptural masterpiece to an otherwise ordinary stairwell. Daylight dances across these steps all hours of the day via the skylight above. Upstairs are the bedrooms suites, one for each of the children, and of course, the master suite.

The South Yarra Residence is an intriguing classic-meets-modern dream home design, balanced with beauty and striking proportion.

photo © Carr Design Group.

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