Temple Hills Residence – Laguna Beach by Schola Architecture

Laguna Beach, California is well-known for some of its stunning contemporary architecture. The Temple Hills Residence is one of those enviable modern dream homes with a series of multiple volumes, including a new addition and overall renovation by Schola Architecture.

A singular, textured concrete box is the root of this extension, with glass and timber as the prime materials. From the exterior, various cantilevering sets the eclectic tone, while the organic hillside setting offers further dimension, not to mention impeccable views from the sloped terrain.

Living areas are set upon multilevel platforms, yet still open up to each other while retaining daylight and providing ventilation. Exposed medium-wood beam ceilings throughout resound with the home’s original 1950s vibe, while adding a degree of warmth to the modern spaces. Following that color tone, various golds, yellows and browns–including varying species of wood-on-wood accents–make appearances throughout cabinetry, walls, furnishings and decor.

The interiors are derived of concrete, wood, steel and glass and one zone particularly exemplifies this elemental mix. The kitchen and living room share one elongated volume which is set with high square and celerestory windows on one side and a large sliding glass door on the other creating seamless indoor-outdoor living.

The outdoor terraces reside on various elevations, which contributes energy and movement to these lounging and dining areas. A hot tub is nestled under a geometric wood pergola.

In the kitchen, yellow-stained wood cabinetry is sunny against the grey concrete walls and countertops. By way of a few steps, this space descends upon the living room, which is fitted with modular shelving and sofas resting upon a multi-colored accent rug. Below this living area, another small set of stairs leads to a lower-level study with a punchy neon lime lounge and white fur area rug.

Upstairs a huge master suite awaits, but it’s the concrete fireplace that is most eye-catching, angular in position and built into the bedroom wall which actually mimics the exterior’s corrugated pattern. The walk-in shower is amazing, with a pivoting glass door which opens to a small, private stone courtyard.

Plentiful glazing, including skylights, on this second story allows these spaces to feel airy. The sitting area with retro modern furnishings is a throwback, yet meshes well with the more contemporary feel of this California dream home.

The Temple Hills Residence is a modern structure connecting multifaceted design elements with the distinct personality of its owners.

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