UNLIMITED SPACE (Ceramic House) by Hector Ruiz-Velazquez, Madrid

A fresh impression of interior design without boundaries, UNLIMITED SPACE (Ceramic House) was envisioned by architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez. Perched on the attic level of an early 20th century Madrid building, this small, three-dimensional dwelling is made entirely of white ceramic and was created for ASCER (Associatión Española de Fabricantes de Azulejos y Pavimentos Cerámicos – Spanish Association of Tile and Ceramic Flooring Manufacturers) as an unprecedented residential concept.

Interestingly, since this particular ceramic installation is reusable–moveable if necessary–the environmental footprint is not significant and the material is considered sustainable.

A study in white, this alternative dream home of 50 square meters features multi-levels of living areas which flow from an entrance to sitting area with table and chairs and onward to a minimalist kitchen. Walls and ceilings feature a linear design, while flooring assumes a rectangular-tiled approach. Spare furnishings exude a mix of modern and retro while lighting is varied with pendants, recessed fixtures, floor lamps and wall scones adorning the room arrangements.   An entire wall central to the space is dedicated to a display of framed circular mirrors of contrasting size.  Customized storage and shelving holds books, while other artifacts–colorful and unexpected–appear throughout the partitioned space.

An upper level (and directly above the windowed sitting area) reveals a bedroom platform which is led to by stairs off of the kitchen. This “hanging space” is open to the hallways below on each side. Natural light works its way in through large windows which reach the height of the sleeping quarters.

On another intimate plane overlooking the kitchen area lies the bathroom with geometric tub and basin. A separate room for the toilet and another basin features an alcove with petite white rocks underneath a cactus planter.

Each space in this contemporary home is a layer, opening up to possibility and precision while allowing for freedom. In essence, this modern dream home interior is entirely open with expansive design parameters dictated only by a solitary, very versatile material.(via)

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